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10 April 2009

VanDyke.SecureCRT.v6 .0.1.213+Patch.And.K3ymaker

Bug fixes:

- SecureCRT crashed when a button configured to run a script that no longer existed was pressed and SecureCRT attempted to remove that script from the recently used script list.
- When extended ASCII characters (0x80-0xFF) were used as word delimiters, SecureCRT crashed.
- If the script function crt.Window.Show was called and then the session was connected, SecureCRT crashed.
- Under certain circumstances, the window got progressively smaller when switching between 80 and 132 columns.
- When reverse video text was printed, there were lines between the letters.
- Under certain circumstances, underline characters were not printed.
- SecureCRT could no longer connect to a session through a Humming- bird SOCKS firewall.
- A simulated middle mouse-button click from a mouse with two buttons no longer worked.
- The help text for menu and toolbar items was not being displayed in the status bar.
- File dialogs, such as the Zmodem dialog, could not be resized.
- The /NOTOOLBAR and /NOMENU command-line options no longer worked.
- When a custom menu file was used, selections that existed in a sub-menu within the context menu did not execute.

- When a custom menu .MNU file was specified and the .MNU file was changed, the changes were not honored.
- When used with a U3 smart drive, valid license data was not saved if the first attempt to enter the license had invalid data.
- RLogin: The rows and columns were not set on connect.
- SSH2: When an attempt to upload a public key from the Quick Connect dialog was made and the hostname had not been specified,
SecureCRT crashed.
- SSH2: After changing the password on an OpenSSH 3.6 server, SecureCRT crashed when attempting to logon.

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